Goa & Tourism in Goa

Goa is one of the major tourist destinations in India and is ranked as number one for its beaches & quality of party life. Goa is India's richest state in terms of per capita income, tourism is the primary industry followed by mining, agriculture and fishing.

Goa, a Portuguese colony from the 16th century until 1961, Panaji or Panjim, as it's more commonly known is the state's capital. The state language is Konkani, although most Goans speak English, Hindi and Marathi. Portuguese is also used by a segment of the total population of 1.4 million, comprising 65% Hindus, 26% Catholic and Muslims.

Goa is India's smallest state by area and fourth smallest by population & is located on the south west coast of India, in the region known as the Konkan. It is surrounded by the state of Maharashtra to the north and by Karnataka to the east and south, while the Arabian Sea forms its western coast. Goa is located on the Western Ghats range & hence Goa is very green. So you would not be complaining that this place does not look good & because of its scenic beauty, you might just think of extending your vacation till your heart is fully satisfied.

Life in Goa
Goa ranked number one, for the best quality of life in India by the National Commission on Population based on the 12 Indicators. Goa's heart is in its villages, which are largely clean, organized and charming. Most Goans live in villages and prefer to travel to the larger towns and cities to work.

Economical Info
Goa is one of India's richest states with the highest GDP per capita, two and a half times that of the country as a whole. Goa has one of India's fastest growth rates: 8.23% (as per Wikipedia). Tourism is Goa's primary industry.

Goa is well known for its beaches, places of worship and world heritage architecture & is visited by large numbers of international and domestic tourists every year. The Bom Jesus Basilica, holding the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier (regarded by many Catholics as the patron saint of Goa) & the night life mainly attracts large number of tourists.

The main tourism season is between October and May, with December and January being its peak months, at which time you can expect slightly increased prices.

Distances from other Indian cities

º Bangalore -592km
º Delhi -1912km
º Hyderabad -747km
º Mangalore -305km
º Mumbai -593km
º Mysore -643km
º Pune -450km

Eating & Drinking
Goa has lot of choices as far as restaurants go and offer a variety of cuisines, from fine dining European restaurants, to Chinese, Mexican, North and South Indian dishes. Goan dishes tend to be quite spicy and often incorporates vinegar(a mixture of Portuguese and local flavors). Goan fish-curry-rice is the staple food. Every corner in Goa would have a wine store or a bar. Kingfisher is the classic Indian beer, Sula is the most popular wine and the Big Banyan is our personal favorite Indian wine.

Fenny is the local liquor, made of cashew nuts or coconuts. It is quite lethal (about 42% alcohol). Old Monk is India's own dark rum. Distilled from sugarcane, it is quite sweet and rather lethal as well. It is best served with a cola on ice.